April 02, 2011

Do you know who are contesting in your constituency in this election?

Assembly elections are coming. How many of us know who are the candidates contesting in our constituency other than two or three main candidates?

This is the second time I am going to cast my vote. Previously when I voted in Lok sabha elections,I got to know list of candidates who are contesting in my constituency only on the election day after going to Polling station.One pathetic news is, before knowing the full list of candidates, I have chosen whom to vote from the list of known candidates.

So this time I planned to know about the list of candidates before election days.Now a days most of the information available in internet.So I started browsing. I got the list from   http://www.elections.tn.gov.in/Form7A2011.htm .

The list is categorized by Districts.I clicked the link for my district,I got the list of candidates for all constituencies from my district. I chosen to see my constituency from the opened PDF.

Moreover I got to know Affidavits filled by each candidates by clicking the link, Affidavits filled by Candidates. This includes income and other details of each candiates.

Don't you know whether your name is there in electoral list or not? You can verify that too by choosing your district and constituency by clicking this link Verify your name in Electoral list.

I confirmed my name is in the electoral role. [ Image : This is how my name listed in electoral role ]

Moreover, I have the list of candidates for my constituency in my hand. Now I have to decide to whom can I vote? I feel casting vote is important.Yes, I can decide my leader by casting my vote.

My suggestion to each and every one of us is, please consider the election day as a your family function day and plan your schedule to cast your vote. Your single vote can make a huge difference to our nation.


  1. Hi Rajesh,
    The candidate list shows up only for coimbatore district in that link..(or) maybe it did not work when I checked..

  2. Try with different browser or try sometime later and try few times.I too got after trying few times.

  3. The links what you mentioned in this post are useful.

  4. This is taking long time, Of Course this is government site, that's why.


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