March 19, 2011

A Genius Guide helps you to move around your city

     Do you want to visit a new place in your city? Don’t you know how to go to the place? You may already be using Google maps for search the particular place. But you may not know the exact route from your home?

     Start using the Google maps effectively. How can you use Google maps effectively?
  • Visit Google maps using this link ,
  • You can find Get Directions link in your left hand side.
  • You will be getting “Get Directions” bar.
  • Enter your location from where you want to start ( Probably location of your house) in the box against A.
  •  And enter the location where you want to Go in the box against B.
     See here, how I used Google maps effectively,

     My house is in JP Nagar 7th phase Bangaluru ; I want to go to Bull Temple in Bangaluru. 

     Google maps suggested me 2 places which matches with my search “Bull Temple”. 

     I have selected 2nd suggested option. It suggested me 3 routes to reach the place, and I have option to choose whether I want to go by my own vehicle or public Transport. I have chosen "Car image" which means by my own vehicle.

Driving Directions:
     I decided to use the 2nd suggested route via Kanakapura road. But Still I don’t know the route clearly. 

     Google maps told me that, don’t worry; I am here to help you.Yes I selected my route and scrolled down, Wow, now I came to know how smart Google maps is. I got step by step Driving directions to Bull temple from my house. I and my friend traveled to Bull temple from our house through the way suggested by Google maps last week by bike.
     One of our colleagues asked us how to reach Bull temple from JP Nagar by bus. I suggested Google maps to him. Yes he can choose public medium ("Bus Symbol") and then get the route. Google maps suggested him complete details of from which bus stop you should take bus, and how to reach next bust stop by walk and available bus details etc.,


     He told "Google maps is a Genius". I feel it’s a smart guide if we use effectively.

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  1. how many hours are you spend in your article. your thinking and your explanation very nice.


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