October 27, 2011

7 aum Arivu - Film about India's advanced science

Today Morning I watched  the movie 7 aum Arivu in theater. I got more interest to watch the movie from first scene onwards. 

From the movie I got to know about Bodhidharma and his history. It's interesting to know Bodhidharma is from India and particularly from Kanchipuram, TamilNadu.And also I got to know Kung Fu was initially taught by him.

In film director not only told about Bodhidharma and also about advanced Indian science.In one dialog he mentioned about Panjangam which gives accurate information of full moon day and Lunar phase(பௌர்ணமி,அம்மாவாசை). We can see still the information provided in Panjangam are accurate but the forecasts calculated modern days are some times not happening.

As per my understanding the director tries to reveal the India's advanced science either through Bhodhidharma's Martial Arts or Medicine techniques.Moreover he expressed his anger on our poor knowledge about India's history. In last scene he told about each and every activities of Indian has a scientific reason. We should aware of it,learn it as a science and follow it in our life. 

By this film I came to know the importance of knowing history. India's history is not only the history, India's history is Science.

October 25, 2011

Happy Deepavali

Like crackers, may our sorrows go away, 

Like sweets, may our life become more sweetful,

May this Deepavali brings more Joy and Happiness to all of us,

Celebrate Deepavali with unlimited sweets, unlimited joy and smile,

Unlimited happiness will be ours.

Wish you a Happy and Safe Deepavali.

October 23, 2011

My first travel on Namma Metro

After a long wait, Bangalore Metro rail opened for passengers from last Thursday October 20th 2011. The current reach one of phase one covers the stations from Mahatma Gandhi Road to Byappanahalli.

Yesterday I traveled in Namma Metro from Byappanahalli to Mahatma Gandhi Road with my friends.It was a pleasant day for all of us, I experienced few new things in this travel,

Tickets as tokens

There are ticket offices with Ticket office machines in the railway stations to provide tickets. Surprisingly tickets are not printed paper rather tickets are provided as tokens.

Automatic Gates

Passenger has to flash the token in the automatic Gates. This gates allows a passenger only if the token is valid. 

Travel Charge

The current plan from Mahatma Gandhi Road to Byappanahalli covers with minimum charge of 10 Rupees to maximum charge of 15 Rupees.

User friendly Elevators

I felt the elevators at the railway station are more user friendly by giving wide space when it starts and ends at up and down which helps the users who are new to elevators.


All the coaches in the Metro rail are fully air-conditioned. This made me to feel a peaceful travel.

Automated Doors:

Automated doors helps users to feel comfortable. The automated doors are opened automatically at each station and closed when train starts from the station.

Display screens

There are lot of display screens in all the coaches, they displays the timing and station information which helps passengers to know about the current station and upcoming station information. Apart from showing train information these display screens plays information about important places near Bangalore and important places in Karnataka. This made my travel as more informative one.

Token collecting Boxes

There are boxes in the destination station in where the passengers has to drop their tokens provided as tickets for the travel. These tokens are reused by metro rail corporation. It reduces the cost.

I personally feel if metro rails are implemented in all the cities in India, it will be more peaceful for the employees who are traveling with in the city.This will help each and every  person to do their work more peacefully. This will make more efficient India.By serving people Namma Metro plays an important role to create a developed India.

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