July 01, 2011

Get answers for your question from humans through web

Whenever I get a question, I do search in Google.There are few questions for which there are no answers given in Internet.I post those questions in Forums.Forums gives answers with a particular topics.Yesterday I got question on Computers,I have identified one forum for computers and got answers.Today I get one question on medicine,I asked in another forum which is meant for medicine.Tomorrow I may get question on another topic. Is there any way can we get answers for any questions?

Aardvark gives answers for any topic. Aardvark is a social search engine.

Aardvark get answers from human directly.Its easy to get answers for your questions using aardvark.

Visit Aardvark. Join aardvark using your Google or facebook account. One can start asking questions by visiting aarvark website like above. If any one don't want to visit aardvark website every time,they can ask questions from their Gtalk.Once we register our gmail, Ardvark will be added as a friend in ourGtalk.(see below image)

We can ask questions using Gtalk in simple english as we chat with our friends,

Then Aardvark sends questions to the other users like us, and waits for the answers;once Aardvark get answers from other users,It sends answers via chat.If the answer not satisfies us we can give more details to the person who gave the answer and can get clear answers.So aardvark is interactive.

We can also start answering others questions by registering the topics which we are interested to answer.Whenever Aardvark get questions from the topic which you registered,if aardvark feels you are right person to answer, it sends question via chat or email.

Here is a record of a question for which I got answers.

I feel Aardvark is a simple and interesting way to get answers for any questions.

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