October 27, 2011

7 aum Arivu - Film about India's advanced science

Today Morning I watched  the movie 7 aum Arivu in theater. I got more interest to watch the movie from first scene onwards. 

From the movie I got to know about Bodhidharma and his history. It's interesting to know Bodhidharma is from India and particularly from Kanchipuram, TamilNadu.And also I got to know Kung Fu was initially taught by him.

In film director not only told about Bodhidharma and also about advanced Indian science.In one dialog he mentioned about Panjangam which gives accurate information of full moon day and Lunar phase(பௌர்ணமி,அம்மாவாசை). We can see still the information provided in Panjangam are accurate but the forecasts calculated modern days are some times not happening.

As per my understanding the director tries to reveal the India's advanced science either through Bhodhidharma's Martial Arts or Medicine techniques.Moreover he expressed his anger on our poor knowledge about India's history. In last scene he told about each and every activities of Indian has a scientific reason. We should aware of it,learn it as a science and follow it in our life. 

By this film I came to know the importance of knowing history. India's history is not only the history, India's history is Science.

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