December 22, 2011

Chance to show your creativity

Do you think you are creative but didn't get chance to show your creativity? This is a chance to express your creativity. Click the image below,

We know Google expects a Caption (question or word) from us to do its duty. If we provide correct query it gives whatever we want varies from collected data,images,videos,news,weather,places,maps etc.,

Google Inside Search, is a unique chance to express your creativity.

What Google Inside Search website has to express our creativity? 
    What the images are meant for? 
     There are images which has characters in it.The characters are doing something.
      What the characters are doing?
       The characters are searching something in Google. 
        How can we express our creativity? 
        Now its our turn to give a caption for the images by guessing what the character is searching in the Google. 
          This is really interesting. Enjoy it.

          My caption for one of the picture here.  ( In my Name Rajesh S)