March 19, 2011

Why to follow any one in Twitter?

      Now a days if I visit any website, there is a button saying "Follow us in twitter". I had a question "Why I should follow them in twitter?" Like some of my friends, I too felt its waste of time following any one or any product in twitter.

      I had an another question,"Am I against twitter?". I am not against twitter or any one following twitter.Then why should I think,using of twitter is waste of time?

      I decided to follow few products which I am interested and related to my daily life in Twitter.My daily life is dependent on "Microsoft Windows", a single product which I am using most of the time in my daily life.

      I started following Microsoft,Windows and Bill gates. With in a minute I got lot of updates from them. Latest updates I came to know from Microsoft twitter pages are "Microsoft suggesting to stop using Internet Explorer 6", "IE 9 Set to release" which are useful information for me.

      As per my understanding goes, If we start using twitter effectively by following what is related to us, "Twitter is a single place where we get plenty of information about what we like and what we need".

  You can follow me in twitter here.


  1. Twitter is the best choice to follow news and updates. I am following The Hindu, India Today and etc.


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