December 03, 2010

Google Transit

Are you a Bangaloorean? Do you want to travel with in your Bangalore by BMTC Buses? But don't you know bus schedules? Now Google can help you the Bus schedules.

There won't be any static time tables.No need to worry about searching your source and Destination. Only you need to do is you should know Source and Destination. Visit the Place Name where you are and get the direction to where you want to go? Google Transit can help you the BMTC Buses available on your route and its Timings.

Google Transit is working along with Google maps. You can save your timing in this search instead of searching Buses and Places seperately.Currently Only Volvo and BIG100 buses are available in this search.soon we can expect all BMTC Buses also.


I welcome your valuable views here..,