May 02, 2012

Visit a website once and Save your Life

I visited a website today and I started saving my life. Do you want to know more about this website? here are the answers for few of your questions.

How a website can save our life? 

By giving awareness.

What type of awareness? 

 This is what displayed in the website's home page.Hope, now you would have suggested what awareness the website gives. Yes this website gives awareness to protect our Kidney.

Salt Sathyagraha

 "Cut SALT 
Cut your medical Bills"


These are the two among the many quotes displayed in this website.  I came to know salt is the common cause for high blood pressure is Salt. So I decided to away from salt as long as I can.

What other things this website provides?

There are few more links to take self tests.  These links gives information about,

Tips to protect Kidneys

Apart from the information given above there are few tips to protect kidneys in this link

Click the image below to visit this website,
Tamil version 

You can read these information in Tamil also by clicking the link in home page.

Who does this service through this website?
Yes, Dr Rajan Ravichandran started this website as a service. I believe, through this service he is saving so many lives. Hope you are also started saving your life after visiting this website.