December 21, 2010

Worthy Tamil Channel Program for young generations

            Last Saturday I saw a Tamil Channel Live program.  I never seen a TV program this before . The pro-gramme name is "கண்டுபிடி கண்டுபிடி". This is a live telephone conversation pro-gramme.

            Pro-gramme concept: From television side they will be showing an experiment and they will be asking questions why this is happening?,how this is happenening etc.., The experiment is a result of an scientific reason.We should find the scientific reason and have to answer through telephone.

           If you tell correct answer the reward you will get from the TV channel is a Book. I hope this is the only Tamil channel giving Book as a gift, not only for this pro-gramme, also for their most of their pro-grammes. This is the another important reason I started watching this channel.

           We learned science in school days.But How many of us remember scientific concepts? and How many concepts we remember now? Why we forget ? Its because we failed to see those scientific events in our day to day life.

           Right now in our education we are asking our children to get good marks.We failed to ask questions to improve their thinking power.By questioning to the students(Viewers) this program makes students to think why its happening? So students will be able to give their own views by their individual thinking.

My humble request to all those reading this please suggest this TV pro-gramme to school children and also to teachers.This small effort will make a Big difference in our young future generations life.
I am sure you will also be interested to watch this pro-gramme.

Now your question is which Tamil Television has this program? This pro-gramme is telecast-ed in

Other programs I like in this channel are,
வேலைவாய்ப்பு தகவல்கள் - A Guide for employment through out the country.
எட்டுக்கு எட்டு - A Current affair program.
வளாகம், - A Guide for share market and business.
சின்ன சின்ன ஆசை - Small Children entertainment program.
தமிழ் பேசு தங்க காசு - A game show.


  1. Hi...
    Thanks for useful information... I know through makkal Tv sale and purchase(Electronics items, land,house,etc...)

  2. Hi Rajesh,

    You are doing a fantastic job!! I thought of appreciating your work many time but had the chance now only.Keep up the good work.

    Also,it would be really helpful if you can share the show time of this programme.


  3. I have watched few programs on Makkal TV.

  4. Good job's really worthy..

  5. Gud job Rajesh...I definitely tell about this to my frds


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