December 11, 2010

Life is Own Choice

Last few days I am realizing my life is my own choice. I had a doubt how can I choose my life?

We may had reasons to choose any option or make any decision in Life.
But the final option We are living is ours.

We may chosen any option because of others opinion,our own need or our like/dislike, But the option currently We live,because we agreed to live it. If We don't agree, We will be in another path of life.

We can like or dislike our current life.Once we realize Wherever,however our life now is our own choice,then we have control to choose our path.If we like we have power to continue, If we don't like it, we can choose another path.

" Imagine What happens If WE choose our each and every aspects of Life? "


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  2. Today i read this with more patience.. For ex if we hate the particular lecture we completely that particular subject.. similarly,it suits well to our life. IF dislike/hate each and everything,obviously our life becomes hateful.. ACCORDING TO ME,if we take everythn n positive r easy way,our life'll more wonder.


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